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Host an Event for Small Business Owners

Gather with other small business owners in your community to collaborate on ideas. This is a great way to encourage partnerships and other ideas that can help benefit the local small business community overall. Encouraging small businesses to support each other or work together is a great way to support the health of your local small business community.

Organize a Community Event, Small Business Saturday doesn’t have to be the only revenue-generating event of the season. Think of ways you can generate more buzz about small businesses through events and get customers through those shop doors. Small businesses can sponsor the event, sell their wares, and promote special deals. Examples of events could be a local block party, carnival, festival, or parade.

Partner With Community Organizations, Nothing says local like sponsoring a little league team or working with the Girl Scouts on a project. If you are involved in a community organization, look at how you can partner with small businesses in innovative ways. Maybe you team up to clean the park, or invite a business to make a guest appearance at a school event.

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping, In the days immediately leading up to Christmas, ecommerce shopping shows a sharp decline.[5] This is because products ordered a few days before Christmas won’t be delivered on time. This is a great opportunity for local small businesses to attract consumers to their brick-and-mortar stores. Although online shopping can feel convenient, customers can avoid concerns about last-minute shipping by shopping locally. Advertising this insight and providing incentives for last minutes shoppers is a great way to encourage more customers to shop at small businesses.

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